Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6 reflections from Sunday

6 Reflections from Sunday

1.We had two baptisms in second service. A newly married husband and wife, Frank and Bailey, came forward to be baptized as a couple. It was great to see their excitement for the Lord and the fact that they already feel loved by our church.
2. Doug and Amy Cropp joined the church. I was encouraged by Amy’s comments to me about her understanding that committing to a local body verbally shows not only a sense of commitment, but also of unit.
3. What a great day, another week where we had over 100 kids in our Children’s Area on Sunday morning. 
4. I mentioned in second service that April needed help desperately. I talked to her today and all her needs she had where meet by the end of that day! Way to GO CHURCH! 
     5. We had another week with over 400 in attendance, which is four weeks in a row. I am excited to see us not only grow larger, but to see how excited people are becoming.
    6.  For me personally, I feel like this was the best series I have done. I not only enjoyed it, but it seems like there is already fruit from it. I can’t wait to see what 2012 becomes.