Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 reflections from Sunday

As I sit here on Monday afternoon, I am still thinking about yesterday. I once was told that that the things that make us great often become our weaknesses if we aren't careful. I am a person who can't sit still very well. I am a person who often has an unlimited amount of energy. I am a person who never really wants to quit (even though I have a lot of half finished projects around my house). I am a person who is consistently thinking about something. I find myself on Monday often thinking about Sunday. The things I think went well, the things I think we want to be better. This Monday is no different. I guess since I am trying to use social media in a more purposeful way I am going to share some of those thoughts.

1. What a powerful service yesterday. I truly felt like we are on the road of returning to our first love and I am so excited to see what the future is going to look like.

2. We had our first Sunday since Easter, where we had over 400 in attendance. I am not one who dwells on how many people are in church on a Sunday, but I do think attendance says something. My job as a leader is to figure out what is it says. I guess right now, this weeks attendance is a confirmation of my prayer this last week that we would have a big group of our church family in attendance to be part of the first message in my “Here to There” series. I also write about that attendance, not to brag or boast, but to celebrate and thank the Lord.

3. I thought Randy and his music team did an awesome job with our worship through music; his leadership of song selections, his heart that was visible while he led and his creativity to combine a section of a hymn with a newer song. You all did a great job, worship team.

4. We had over a 100 kids and adult volunteers working in our Children's Ministry. I am so proud of April and all she is doing with our kids. She has a lot of plates in the air and I think she is doing a great job spinning them.

5. It was fun to have my Mom and Dad, and one of my older sisters, Anna, and her husband visiting our church, from Kansas. It's a little weird to be the "baby" in my family and to look from the stage and see my parents and one of my older sisters.

6. The Lord is good . . .

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